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Akure Tech Expo - Tech Expo Africa

Formerly, Akure Tech Expo.

The first conference held in 2019 carried the name “Akure Tech Expo”. We decided to expand our mission beyond Nigeria to cover Africa. Hence, the need for rebranding. The future is constantly written by the actions of the present. We believe that proper understanding and application of technology (indigenous and/or non-indigenous) can solve a lot of challenges faced by African Nations.

Tech Expo Africa operates as a social enterprise that aims to connect businesses and countries in Africa with top Tech and Business leaders by exposing participants to the latest Innovation and innovative practices.

With conferences to be hosted in various cities in Africa, we are going to create platforms for an excellent networking opportunity for business decision-makers, innovation managers, enterprise solution providers, start-ups, ICT academics, OEMs, and other players in the Technology sector.

Participants will be exposed to widespread trends and innovations, and being technologically-minded ourselves, a technological expansion means we get to host physical conferences from any part of Africa with virtual capacity to onboard more participation.

Our mission and goals will see us reaching out to technology-oriented people; Inventors, Innovators, and policymakers.

Our Audience covers:

  • Start-ups
  • Participants from the IT Industry
  • Participants from Agric-Tech and Health-Tech Industry
  • Participants from Banks and Financial institutions
  • Participants from Public Institutions
  • Participants from Government Agencies.
  • Participants from the Sales and Retail Industry
  • Participants from the Telecom Industry
  • Participants from Private Sector Institutions
  • University Students
  • Tech Enthusiast.
Tech Expo Africa - Brand Explained

2021 Conference Theme - Business Sustainability in a Digital Economy 15-16.10.2021


This is a 2-Day conference. Day 1 is for the workshop where you will be trained and on Day 2, we will be listening to amazing speakers share their wealth of experience on the topic of discourse.