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We are always thankful to our past sponsors. We look forward to  more support.

Changing the tax narratives of Ondo State positively in line with our core values…

SiBAN - Tech Expo Africa

We are a self-regulatory body in Nigeria’s emerging blockchain industry…

Crypto Bootcamp Community - Tech Expo Africa

Our community has well-trained tutors that would walk you through …               

An organization focused on catalyzing technology development in emerging communities across Africa.



An Information Communication Tech Centre domiciled in the Federal University of Technology, Akure.

A Web Browser and Search Engine that rewards users for browsing and searching.

RoyalQ - Tech Expo Africa

Trading is No longer Difficult with the use of Artificial Intelligence Robots. 

Hespat is a stress-free, convenient and reliable one – stop solution for your day to day needs.

TradeFada - Tech Expo Africa

The most advanced and easy-to-use Nigerian cryptocurrency mobile application …

You do not have to worry about making a purchase for your electricity token. Powerplug is your plug any day and any time.

Your number one radio station ready to change the face of entertainment and lifestyle in Akure Ondo State

Reliable Transport, Logistics, Dry cleaning/Laundry and Real estate Developers in Nigeria and Europe.

A dynamic integrated ‘through the- line’ events-media home that believes in focusing on the ‘style and message’. 

HTML FOODS is a food service company that caters to people’s daily food needs.                                  

SGS Limited - tech Expo Africa

Sale and refilling of gas cylinders, sales of gas accessories, home delivery, and to company both …


A trading system allows you to connect with any interested buyer/seller of crypto assets.                                   

A multifaceted organization that uses innovation to economically empower black women.

GH SOLUTIONS is an IT solutions company with a forte in User interface & Experience Designs,  Cyber Security …

A company that is making a major landmark in various aspects based on Infrastructural solutions

A gadget company positioned to deliver best-in-class laptops & mobile Accessories

Radiance Springs School - Tech Expo Africa

An education institution with sound teachers and uphold academic excellence.

With over a decade of experience, we have helped our clients create colorful events.                      

A project management company, cultured majorly to deliver quality branding, Event and Tech solutions

Documenting all things Akure • Views | News | Places | Thoughts | People | Moments                              

Ha-Shem Logo - Tech Expo Africa

We help you do all the I.T heavy-lifting, so you can stay focused on growing your core business.


This is a 2-Day conference. Day 1 is for the workshop where you will be trained and on Day 2, we will be listening to amazing speakers share their wealth of experience on the topic of discourse.