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KYNGSacademy is passionate about African indigenous languages. We desire to help people connect to their culture and people as well as other people’s culture and people by breaking the language barrier. We offer live, interactive language courses in Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, and Kiswahili which are major indigenous languages of Nigeria and Kenya, We offer live courses in other African indigenous languages on request. We also have a membership class where you have access to up to seventeen African languages, they are self-help MP3 and PDF files that will guide you in mastering any language of your choice.

KYNGSacademy is committed to connecting you to your world.

Product/Service Rendered

  • One-on-one Live classes
  • Membership Class
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This is a 2-Day conference. Day 1 is for the workshop where you will be trained and on Day 2, we will be listening to amazing speakers share their wealth of experience on the topic of discourse.